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Come Fly With Us

Whether it's becoming a private or professional commerical pilot or flying for your first time, Global Aviators Academy has you covered.

Financing Options Available

Contact us to explore your financing options!

Message from the President

Whatever your flight training needs are, we are confident that you will enjoy every second of training at Global Aviators Academy. Our priorities are to make you a safe pilot, while making it a fun experience… Happy Flying!

Demo Flights

A demo flight is the best and least expensive way to try your hand at flying. You do not need any previous experience! You will get the chance to fly the airplane while enjoying beautiful scenaries of southern california. By the time we land you’ll be left wanting more, guaranteed! Contact us for more information. 

Flight Training

Learning to fly is a unique and life-changing experience and choosing the right flight instructor is key to making your training efficient, safe, and fun! With Global Aviators Academy you can choose your own schedule, train full-time or part-time, and our professional flight instructors will ensure that you have a fun time learning how to fly.

For all Knowledge Exam registrations, scheduling & information, contact us!


About Global Aviators Academy

Our goal is to provide the best technical equipment and instruction to our students for them to become the best pilots. We are just not any flight school, we are professionals building professionals for today’s high demand of pilots in the aviation industry. We take pride in being one of the top flight schools in Southern California with zero incidents or accidents to date. We train in highly reliable Cessna aircrafts making your flight training safe, fun and unforgettable. We value honesty, respect, integrity, excellence, teamwork, accountability, recognition and safety.




Current students, click on the link below to schedule your flights.


Flight Scheduling
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